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    ohio goes to bush!

    266 to 211 for bush.

    within 3 of total victory.

    it is nearly time for a concession speech, everyone!!!!

    how utterly, totally satisfying!!
    I love it!!!!!!
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    The lawyers are gearing up....
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    that's for sure
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    Hey, where are them dems ??? hheeeeeeeelllllloooooooooo.....?????
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    mahootski, I love this. I cannot tell you how exhilarated I feel right now after enduring all that democratic trash for months and months.
    the people have spoken and the winner is undeniable. the best kerry can do is tie, but the house will vote bush in there anyway so .... that's that, folks.

    after all that devisive, cutting talk, this victory tonight is a delicious, completely satisfying conquest.
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    269 -211
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    if kerry swept the rest of what was left, all he could do is tie.

    AND, the repubs retain control of the senate.

    dems, this is a TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT!!!!
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    I don't think we will be hearing from the democrats for an appreciable amount of time.

    they will be licking their wounds for a good while after this shocker. kerry thought they'd have this in the bag, walking away with the presidency - esp in light of the war issue.

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    even daschle will most likely be unseated! damn, I just love this!!

    procure, I couldn't have said it any better.!!!
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    kerry never once took a lead on bush!!! incredible!

    he was blown clean out of the water!!!
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    Not all the networks are calling Ohio for Bush. CNN being one of them. It is still too close to call in many of the remaining States.
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    CBS just moved Ohio back into the undecided category. I wonder if this is going to end up in court?
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    I guess Bin Laden's endorsment for Kerry didn't help him....? could it be???
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    Still too soon to call it:
    CNN: 249 - 221 Bush
    BBC: 249 - 221
    Yahoo: 249 - 221

    It's all down to Ohio.
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    Uh oh. they have to send ALL the lawyers to Ohio ?
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    let's face it. its all over for kerry in 2004.

    savor the final moments of the race. its very close to the final curtain.

    I don't think kerry will protest. I think he will concede and be done with it without making this whole process an utter mess.
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    bush has a 100,000 vote lead in ohio. . . kerry is going to need a miracle or cochran.
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    I am not so sure, I don't think T H Kerry will let him back in HER house if he loses, so I think he will Haveto put up a fight.
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    Drudge report:

    B U S H W I N S !!!
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