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  • John F Kerry (Dem)

    19 54.29%
  • George W Bush (Rep)

    14 40.00%
  • Ralph Nader (Ind)

    1 2.86%
  • Other

    1 2.86%
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    I am surprised that this isn't already a poll question on here. Just out of curiosity, where do the users of TreoCentral stand this Presidential race?

    If you are like me and don't like to take sides publically this election, remember this poll is annonymous.

    One thing: Please don't flame each other on this post.

    Have Fun.
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    looking good for Kerry. I'll be refreshing MSNBC every minute
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    I've found Yahoo to be quite informative
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    fla is bush country, baby!!!! not a good sign for kerry. and nj is close! gore swept that state!

    I sense a victory speech here from bush!!
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    missouri - going towards bush
    michigan -swing state - going towards bush

    florida - swing state - going towards bush.

    just won louisiana.

    um... "w" won't have to look for a new job folks. he's keeping it.

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    bush is ahead in Ohio
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