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    Just curious....

    Clifton Park, NY
    3 minute wait
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    Gaithersburg, MD
    1 hour, 30 minutes
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    Spokane Wa, absentee ballot. No waiting
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    Voted my secret ballot today in my first Presidential election 1hour 20 min
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    Tallahassee, FL
    In line: 7:30 AM
    Vote and exit 8:15 AM

    Never had to wait more than 5 min. before this election!
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    West Palm Beach, Florida
    Arrive @ Polling Place: 1:15pm
    Time to have ID checked: Immediate (no waiting)
    Time to machine: Immediate (no waiting)
    # pages on ballot: 13
    Done with voting: 1:25 pm
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    Santa Clarita, CA
    No waiting
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    Santa Barbara, CA
    Total of ten minutes.
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    Brooklyn NY
    Just now 4:45
    No waiting

    Go bush....
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    South of Portland, OR
    One week ago
    One minute
    Vote by mail

    Go Oregon and it's wonderful voting system
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    Sacramento, CA
    2:00 PM
    No waiting
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    Lakewood, CO
    2:00 pm
    No wait,

    although mine took a little longer because I was trying to ask the guy how I could beam my vote from my Treo to the voting machine.
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    Moscow, ID
    Couldn't find parking at 9:00am (looked like most of the town showed up)
    came back at 12:30
    <5min wait
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    Oyster Bay, NY
    6:15 am
    40 min.
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    Fairfax VA
    06:30 enter
    07:30 leave
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    One hour in the rain and 1 1/2 hours inside (3-5:30pm). This was in the Columbus, Ohio area. I had authority to vote slip #512. We usually have 300 voters in this precinct. The line was still 2 1/2 hrs long when we left.

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    San Francisco, CA
    7 am (Got there at 6:50)
    4 people in line ahead of me
    Out by 7:15

    As I was leaving, however, the line was already up to about 30 people.
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    Playa Vista, CA (Los Angeles)
    30 minutes - only five booths, it was a very small location, and it appeared that many of the voters had not previously made decisions as to the various initiatives on our ballet.

    Weather was absolutely perfect today. Clear sky, comfortable temp - remarkably good, even for Southern California.
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    Kaysville, UT
    8:45 am
    40 Minutes

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