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    man, dlbrum, you're as obnoxious as mike moore.
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    Well it looks like George has a job.........more than can be said for the The Dems in the Senate and House that lost to the good ole boy Republicans. Nothing more satisfying and entertaining than a whinning democrat!

    Maybe people will wake up to the Libertarian Party.
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    I notice no one has posted since President Bush got the big YES to stay in office and what a yes it was. Where's middle American in this? He/she sure did not say YES to the many, many plans of Kerry (though he never detailed any of his many, many plans). He/She said yes to the moral values this country was founded upon and that have made it the country it is today. You who support today's Democratic party really need to think about its leadership - does it really represent you and your values? Do you really support all the it represents? I switched to the Republican party because of the core change a decade ago. The leaders of the democratic party in no way represent me or my beliefs. Ben
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    Oops. Thread closed? 43 gets a majority re-elect.
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    I been wondering myself if the last few elections will give fuel to the libertarian party.

    maybe another party, with another image, a fresh message, and fresh credibility could present more options to american voters.
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    I'm all for a party with a strong platform based on America. Investing in our citizens. Defending our citizens (not to be confused with questionable military action in the form of pre-emptive strikes). Promoting a strong economy. Investing in sustainable energy...

    I am tired of our two-party system. I am tired of fliers and pre-recorded messages. I want canidates that will sink money and time into us and not their campaign.

    I would vote for a canidate for any position that ran on this platform... "i'm sorry i can't tell you more about me - i'm too busy doing xyz." or "have i done well? please re-elect me."

    Sure, throw in a debate or two. Meh. I'm tired of all this.
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