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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    I actually think that if Hitler was running against Bush, the people voting Kerry, would have voted for hitler...
    That seems to be taking things to the extreme. Interestingly though, I would characterize Hitler's attraction to the German people at the time of W.W.2 as being some of the qualities that Bush claims for himself (and attracts republican voters) - strong leadership, conviction, no question of the direction he wants to take, unilateral invasion of other countries, etc.

    Clearly these "qualities" are not good enough by themselves in a leader. You need honesty, integrity and to be taking your country in the right direction and not to influence the people using fear and hatred of other races and countries (e.g. Muslims). Hitler was, and Bush is, lacking these true leadership qualities.

    I would say that Bush has done such a poor job as a leader of America, that the assessment has to be that almost anyone (even a trained chimp) could do better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    What beating did you get a s a child that now makes you think that everything bad that happens is the fault of this country.
    Personal attack2 consider yourself warned...
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