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    Can anyone offer any advice about good webhosts? I'm looking specifically for a Dedicated Server, and I'd like to keep the cost as low as possible (don't need tons of power, I'm not Yahoo!). I've been on a Virtual Server, but I'm eating up the resources, so it's time to move!!

    Right now I'm considering Any suggestions?

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    I've been very satisfied with GoDaddy. I did not do a lot of investigation, though. But the customer service is the best I've encountered for web-based business, period.
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    If you want to use chatter for "push" email on your Treo I recommend as it seems to work the best.
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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, does not seem to offer Dedicated Server hosting. only offers 60GB of traffic per month for the dedicated servers. looks good, but unfortunately, their price seems to be a bit it's FreeBSD....

    I'll probably end up staying with my current webhost for a while. I was just thinking that if I could find a dedicated server for the same price as my VDS, I may as well...
    <a href="">TerribleMovies.Com</a>
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    I recently left GoDaddy for hosting and transferred to - their prices are much better (offer far more features and 100 times the bandwidth!).
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    Offer good until oct/31

    I've been with them for years, no complaints
    Just call me Berd.
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    For dedicated,

    nuff said.

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