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    It seems to be a badly managed company with little FDA oversight into the operations because of overseas manaufacturing. Not all drug companies are bad. Chiron (isn't that who it was?) isn't evil. It's not entirely the FDA's fault. It's not Bush's fault. It's not Kerry's fault. It was a major screwup on the company's side, and of course some blame goes around to everyone. I personally don't think it's a good idea to source so many units of vaccine from 1 company. But how long has the US been doing that? Before I start to say that we should change, I really don't know much about barriers to entry in drug manufacturing for things such as vaccines - startup cost, equipment cost, cost of knowledge and expertise in the field, cost of insurance, etc.

    In any case, these screw-ups happen on all levels, and just because this is more important than other manufactured products doesn't mean it's immune from mistakes. Chiron (?) were producing a large number of vaccines, but in order for the whole lot not to be accepted, they need a contamination in just one part of their production step. 1 piece of equipment can make 100,000 widgets a day or 1,000 widgets a day. If that piece of equipment is broken, even though it changes the severity of the result, the number of widegets not produced doesn't change the severity of the break itself.

    BTW, true there is no shortage in France, but tell me, what percentage of the population gets shots? As reference, isn't medication consumption double (%-wise) in the US as it is in France? That does make a difference, because you can supplement the vaccine supply in case of an emergency or unexpected shortage (like in the US).

    Anyways, just my convoluted 2 Yen.
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    On NPR I hear that:
    America's private-market flu vaccine system is at fault. Critics of the system say governments are more aware than the market of health needs and are better able to marshal the resources needed to prevent shortages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clairegrrl
    Let's continue to support economies that arm our enemies. Right.
    You meant "economies that arm our President's enemies." Right?

    Honestly, This anti-France thing is really rediculous. Our nation became upset with France (and Germany) because they opposed the invasion of Iraq - correct? Their threat of a veto in the UN caused our legislators to rename french fries. I did a little research on things that the US actually has vetoed in the UN and it seems like our nation supports the violence in Israel. We veto resolutions that would place "international monitors" in the West Bank.

    My point is this...

    It is unwise to hold grudges. How many Americans will have to die in Iraq for Bush's grudge? How many Americans will die from the flu because Bush is holding a grudge against France?

    Can't we find a president with a spine AND some integrity?
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