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    let me tell you horror fans - you havent seen anything yet.
    i went to see this movie last night, and i was uncomfortable the ENTIRE time in the theatre.

    this is NOT for the faint of heart. if you scare or jump easily, DO NOT see this film.

    there are images and sudden flash images that will stick in your mind long after the movie is over, and these images are bolstered with terrifying shrieks, crashes and ghoulish music.

    definitely one of the most frightening movies ive ever seen, and ive seen many.

    the story and the characters could have been better, but the terror factor in this movie is positively petrifying.

    dont go alone.
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    the japanese version or the recent release american version with smg?

    i saw the japanese version and was bored.
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    this is NOTHING ..... like the japanese version.

    of that.. i can assure you

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