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    Quote Originally Posted by cellmatrix

    I am sorry for your loss, and I feel bad about the loss of life of all the other people too. I think I want what you want - to stop terrorism. I just feel that "we went about it" the wrong way, the totally wrong way. Peter
    First of all thanks for your Kind words, you and treobk214.

    I want you to look closely to what you said "we went about it" it"s ALWAYS better to go about it than not going at all, or not doing nothing,. Which was done when Clinton was in office... I am sure and I know, that Kerry will do the same as him. So here you have it in your own words.
    It shows the world that we are not afraid of them (by them I also mean pimpled Chirac and HIS henchmen)
    Now I will tell you that, the post war plan, I wouldn't use such a plan for my business... But I KNOW that with our amazing troops over there, we will be out shortly.

    (as Kerry said, within 6 months, a year or 2 & within the fist 4 years of his addministration... or he doesn't know, whatever it takes...depends when, oh I am confused...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    and cellmatrix, I believe michael moore believed the terrorist threat was a fantasy as well , but we saw those planes kinda slide into those buildings didn't we?

    funny how kerry was all for disarming of hussein and his fantasy wmds as well, geez even clinton believed hussein had wmds, but with their style of leadership, nothing was done to find out for sure if they were really there or not.

    at least this administration TAKES ACTION, rather than lip service from foreign bullsh@t artists!
    I do not care what Moore or Kerry said at the time, to me there is the right and wrong way to go about fighting terrorism. The right way is to get the world on our side (its called leadership), al queda is in a whole lot of countries and we can't invade every one. The right way is to admit when you have made a mistake and it is my personal opinion, not Moore's, not Kerry's - my opinion, that the WMD, Iraq-al queda connection and our intelligence has been a colossal mistake. Also it is my opinion that not only does Bush and Cheney refuse to admit error, they label anyone who disagrees with them as not patriotic. I think that is using terrorism for political advantage and that is not right.

    So treobk, I am in agreement with you that we need to have the best approach to fight terror, but we disagree on that approach. I am not Michael Moore, and I am not John Kerry, and I do not agree nor stand by every one of their positions. But I do feel that Bush has been a very poor president in many ways, including the war on terror, and I am ready for a change.
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    I understand your position, cellmatrix. we both have strong convictions about how we'd like to see our country run.

    I don't think kerry is the one for us. you disagree. that's fine.
    no matter who wins, I hope they know what the hell they're doing - for everyone's sake.

    because, cell, we can't afford to watch other us coles or oklahoma city bombings or wtcs just.... happen... when there were warning signs all along... if you have personal friends who were hurt by these tragedies, you know the conviction I am talking about here.

    this is no time for not being sure about what position to take. the terrorist are DAMN sure what position they take with us aren't they?

    well I choose a president who doesn't take too many positions on a subject that's pretty straightforward to me.
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    whoever is elected, I hope they can get the job done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    If that's true, than you just have to think which one of those is more capable in fighting the war on terror (which is the MOST IMPORTANT thing right now) There is no question in ANYBODY'S mind that it's NOT John Kerry...
    I understand where you are comming from and I do feel sorry for your loss, but I wonder if the war on terror realy is the MOST IMPORTANT...
    I agree it is important to at least prevent things like this happening again and hopefully catch the guilty. But, don't you think the terrorists have won if you make it your prime directive in life? I think fixing te local problems should be at least equaliy important... sure that is a lot easier for me to say, since I didnt go through what you went through, but try thinking about it rationally..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki
    If that's true, than you just have to think which one of those is more capable in fighting the war on terror (which is the MOST IMPORTANT thing right now) There is no question in ANYBODY'S mind that it's NOT John Kerry...
    I'd think that John Kerry would be at least as effective as W.
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    Sure he will be as effective, on Monday. then comes tuesday, he changed his mind, then wednesday, he is back in the game, then comes Thursday......ect. he can't make up his friggin mind... (I just thought that maybe this is the way he will fight the terrorists, He'll confuse them, they won't know what the next day will bring with him...They will always be scared) ;-)
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