Ran out of room on the subject.

Situation is small manufacturing plant and growing difficulty keeping manual track of job costing.

Presently there are 50ish part time workers, and several jobs a week.

Setup now is employees write number of hours on sheet specific to a job. Once job is done, hours are totalled, expenses added in, and we have a total job cost.

Ideally I'd love to have a simple PC program that employees would log in (punch in), enter job code to signify they are working what job. Then week's end or job's end, I could print up a report that would print an employee's total hours (paycheck) or a job's total cost.

Anyone doing something similar to this now? I was going to create an elaborate excel spreadsheet, but it doesn't solve the employee timecard issue, which is all done on honor system now... Did google search and seems the packages I found were in the $1000 range. Looking for something less steep, if possible.