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    I take it the Sox are winning?
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    Grand Slam, Yanks!!!

    Whoooo's Yooooo Dadddx
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    Oh, I didn't hear the fat lady sing YET...
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    send the yanks home in their own park!!! hahaaaa... I love it. all the way, bosox!!
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    CAN YOOO BELIEVE IT!!!!! bammmm! johnny damon!.
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    What the F... ???
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    8-1 Sox!!! Not seeing much in the way of pitching from NY...
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    wow, damon wants this one bad!
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    fat lady's on cue...... testing,, testing... hey jeter, is this thing on?

    take your seats, yanks! its almost time to concede!
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    this yankees vs. boston ppl. 8-1 is nothing. a long way to go.

    "don't get cocky" - han solo
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    Well, I am bleeding. I have no nails to bite anymore..It's flesh
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    han's my man. 'cept the yanks have been cocky for far too long.... its time for a new king..
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    first time EVER in baseball history, has a team come back from being behind 0 - 3, to winning the pennant!!!

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    Sit down CLOWN!! -- You struck out Cairo. End of 5th and it's 8-1!!! The Curse may have lasted quite awhile but if the Yanks choke a 3-0 games lead to the Sox the memory will last 4-EVER!!

    BTW the person who made the joke in this thread about Kevin Brown being able to pitch had me LOL! Thanks.
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    Which is the more impressive comeback:

    1. Sox win tonight?
    2. Yanks win tonight?
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    the overall 4 game comeback is unprecedented in history. undeniably, this sox surge is dominant.

    TOTAL UTTER DOMINANCE by derek lowe. the yanks have been silenced. and that's it.

    its looked easy, tonight!!! pedro and the sox have been redeemed.
    the yankee clowns are being righteously schooled, folks.
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    No preference. I could see the great accomplishment in either side's win

    But, why are the Sox tempting the Yanks by bringing in Pedro?
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    OK, Pedro is here, the game just started...
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