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    They must be part of the Kerry-Edwards ticket.
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    Why? Cause they see they were wrong and actually admit it?

    Yup, can't be Bush/Cheney.
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    They got the call right. you can't try to knowck the ball out of his hand
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    They got the call completely right. Both times. Go sox.
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    The higher they go the harder they will fall. Sox fans are in for a heartbreak tomorrow.
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    Perhaps. But to see ARod resort to a girlie slap will be worth it. :-)
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    I'm sorry, I just have to link to this. I hope he didn't break a nail(if only so he doesn't complain about it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by illustreous
    They must be part of the Kerry-Edwards ticket.
    I agree. They analyzed the entire situation and made an informed decision based on rational thought. Tonights umps did an outstanding job deciding some potentially controversial, game-changing plays.
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    Oh I get it now! They flip-flopped. Jeepers, that wasn't even funny.

    Go Sox.
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    go sox! they made the right calls. very clear in the replays. can't believe people questioned those calls - they were obvious.
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    Game 7 should be exciting, as should game 6 for the Astros and Cards...gotta love October!
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    For Bosox and Yankee fans the ALCS is their World Series. For me this game is bigger than the WS. This game, as last year's game, defines what is heart, competition, sport, rivalry, luck et al. More importantly, with the series lead that the Yanks had there is insurmountable pressure on them to win tonight; however, if you're a Red Sox fan/player you couldn't feel cooler right now (at least until the game starts).

    I'd like to make a conjecture. If Yanks=Bush and Bosox=Kerry, then the winner of tonight's game will be a predictor of the winner of the election.

    Premonition or prophesy?

    Perhaps both, perhaps neither.
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    I totally agree. its indeniable the heart of both these teams . amazing - 2 consecutive extra inning games of 5 - 6 hrs of play speaks volumes about these guys
    no matter the outcome, and no matter the result of the world series, it may be that this pennant race will be more memorable than the world series itself, like you said - validates the red sox as a legitmate force to be reckoned with now.

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