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    I think a belt clip would work better.
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    That editorial is trash. If a person with no brain read it, then sure they would believe it. An informed person can see through their support as nothing more than it being trash.

    I support Tort reform ('s what made him rich) - John Edward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    I support Tort reform ('s what made him rich) - John Edward.

    Tort reform is important, however, things need to be addressed on both sides of the issue.

    Doctors and lawyers are both deemed to be "professions." One of the requirements for being a profession is self policing/governance. Neither of these groups seem to do this.

    What needs to happen, imo, are three simple things:

    • America needs to get out of this entitlement mentality

    • Doctors need to make sure that healthcare professionals are punished when they make mistakes

    • Lawyers will need to pay all legal and court costs if they loose a case

    We have become an entitlement society ever since it became easier to settle a case rather than litigate it. Therefore, lawyers have just learned the system and use it to their benefit. There is no incentive for doctors to fix their profession ... so as far as I am concerned they can get sued all the time and their malpractice premiums should go up. Instead of just blaming the lawyers, they need to look at themselves. Heck, we had a doctor here in Palm Beach County that removed (amputated) the wrong foot of a patient. Not once, but three times! He never lost his license to perform surgery. He now lives in another part of the state and continues to work as a surgeon. This is absolutely outrageous!

    It's easy to blame the other side in these types of things. But just like in every other instance of disagreement and blame, it really is 50/50.
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