[QUOTE=heberman]With all due respect, give me a break. Were YOU intimidated by the police who were far away from the polling place?

Yes I was, highway patrol blocking access to polling places in a predom
When was the last time the police were ANYWHERE near you when you
voted. Sounds a bit fishy doesn't it. You can take my word for it, they
were up close and personal, and forced people to find alternate ways
around to get to the community center. It wouldn't have been such a
big deal except for the fact that it only happened in a predom african
american community, and the center of the democratic strong hold in an
otherwise conservative North Florda.

Chances are that you voted, but just saw on TV the media and the Democrats parading those poor, oppressed, "disenfranchised" minorities in front of the cameras.

It was difficult at best seeing that as a registered voter in Tallahassee,
Since 1999, I wasn't on my polling place's list. all of a sudden, and have
had no problems up until the pres election. I'll also locate my duplicate
cards and scan them for you, but I'd suspect that you'd raise the
accusation of a bit of photoshop work.

Were those police the evil Republican Nazi police with their snarling police dogs scaring away black voters? Did the Republicans trick all of the clueless people into accidently voted for Pat Buchanan? Did your "memories of a not too distant past" have any impact on your ability to vote?

Baseless rhetoric,
It did strengthen my resolve not to alow this to happen in the future.
Early voting at the courthouse should ease tensions. Thank goodness
there were no K9's though, Nazi police HAHAHAHAHAH

Remember, it was the Republicans who helped make the "not too distant past" a memory, instead of an ongoing problem.

Should I run and sing their praises on the mountain top. Or should I
thank them for abiding by the Constitution and Bill of Rights that was
written for supposedly "All Americans" and how distant in the past are
we talking about?

I agree that there were (and still are) many flaws in Florida's voting system.

We agree!

But don't blame those problems on the Republicans.

Do you (they) feel guilty? I merely told you my experience, never said
a word on who was responsible.

Blame it on clueless voting officials and uninformed people from all parties.

We agree again! I think this has been taken care of thru numerous
voting registration drives, Rock the Vote, Rap the Vote, ACLU, FEA, Vote
or Die and the list goes on.