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    Yahoo! News - Yes, jobs are disappearing, but causes may surprise.url
    this is a very interesting article. gives you a more educated idea of what exactly is going on with our job climate and just how much kerry`s claim that outsourcing is the culprit.

    pretty good read.
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    Ya forgot the link
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    you know what, clairegirl, I have to laugh at myself in having to admit this, but I having trouble figuring out how to attach this yahoo link in here w/o also giving access to my personal email folders! wth am I missing here?

    I know its innanely easy, and a 5 year old can do it, but Im not quite sure what im overlooking here.

    could ya help a brother out here? what's the secret?

    like I said, I copied and pasted a link to the post here a while ago but along with the page I attached a page giving access to my personal email, so I removed the link.
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    FYI: There's absolutely no way anyone would be able to read your personal email if you did something like that. It would just give an error because no one else can be logged in as you.
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    Here's the story-
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    thankyou skillz. much appreciated.
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