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    I saw a Homestar Runner avitar on here an it got me thinking, who is your favorite H*R character and why?

    I like Homestar - He doesn't care what people think and just does what ever he wants, and he is easly amused..LOL
    then Homsar - Becasue he is so darn stupid - Simpleton
    then Strongbad - Becasue he's 110% pure smart arse and his biggest fan...LOL

    Anit it great to be 36 going on 16...LOL

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    Well, I like 'em all but I like Strongbad the best. Strongbad's emails are hilarious . He's popping up more and more around Columbus, Ohio. Grabbed this pic with my Treocam outside a CompUSA store (geeks rule).

    Have you put him on your ride yet Matt ?
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    Not yet, perhaps a place to stick TROGDOR...?
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    Strongbad rules!
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