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    This was very eye-popping!

    Fox News Channel averaged 1.75 million viewers in primetime during the third quarter, up 39% from the nonconvention year of 2003, according to data released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research.

    Its competitors -- CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC and CNBC -- averaged an aggregate 1.67 million viewers in the third quarter, which ended Monday.

    Yeah, that's write... Foxnews's ratings of 1.75 million viewers was more than CNN, HN, MSNBC, CNBC combined!!

    All I can say is: All you liberals, STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS! Hehe...that's the only way I can figure their ratings being so high since soo many people think the news network is so right-wing biased. It seems liberals like watching Fox News too?!
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    Nice factoid. I love O'Reilley.
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    Not sure if this is good news for the U.S., but it's certainly good news for R. Murdoch
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    Yes, I believe O'Reilly is a major draw - and hard to believe it beat all those other networks combined - but shows that people are sick of liberal media sources.

    O'Reilly is independent for the most part, you have Hannity & Colmes gives you right and left wing point of view at the same time.

    People can laugh and make jokes at the 'Fair and Balanced' slogan they have, but the shows are fair to both sides. The ones that dislike Fox News for the most part are the far left and the far right.

    And yes this is good news for the US, getting facts and you deciding how to take it is always the best.

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    maybe some of you fox lovers should get the dvd "outfoxed". you might change your mind. i watch fox news just to get the opposite point of view but i get too nauseous and then switch back to something intelligent like the nightly news hour with jim lehrer.
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