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    It has been exactly 5 days, 2 hours and 14 minutes.

    Last Sunday I was playing with the band. Afterwards, I dropped of the sax-player. He had about 4 instruments with him, so I helped him to unload the car. I offered to give him a hand. He accepted, of course...

    I locked the car, completely forgetting that I left my phone in there. I walked upstairs, dropeed the cases, and went back to get my phone. I wasn't gone for longer than about 35 seconds. When I opened the door of the building. I heard glass breaking. I ran around the corner to find my window broken, my phone gone and two kids riding away on a bicycle. I ran afterthem fo about two blocks, but they dissapeared. Looking back, I could have caught them if I had taken the car, but on the other hand it's better I didn't. I don't know what I would have done to them if I had caught up with them....

    So there I was: broken window, no phone, and in a terrible mood.

    Because I left the phone in my car, it's not insured....

    All in all a very bad experience, as you can understand.
    I blocked my number for the rest of the day, got a new sim-card the day after, and put it in my old 270.

    My God, that's an adjustment. The first day people had to remind me that my phone was ringing; I was so used to hearing James Brown as my ringtne...

    This ittle episode has left me with a damge of 650 Euros for the phone, 250 Euros for the window, 400 Euros for the navigation I had(the card weas still in there...)

    I don't even want to add that all up...

    Now I have decided I will wait for the relases of the 650. And get it as soon as it hits the store.

    I really don't have a point with this story, except to warn you to never leave your phone in the car.... I think I just needed to share my grief with the rest of the understanding Treo-community....

    And if anyone in the soputh of the Netherlands is offered a Treo that looks used: check the serial number! Mine starts with EBFMD233........

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    Maybe your auto insurance would cover the cost of a new Treo?
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    Little bastards.
    On a BBC investigation into stolen phones they found that one ended up in Nigeria, you are unlikely to get it back
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    Did you have one of the security programs like mSafe on your Treo to wipe out your information?
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    ands thats why i always have my treo on me and i also pay the orange care insurance just in case
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    Maybe the kids who stole it will get inspired by its design, study hard, and become great contributors to civilization. See now its not so bad. Of course, maybe they'll pawn it for some money to buy booze and cigarettes, that's a possibility too.
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