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    Donald Trump's dog
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    << My command as we escape Palm HQ with a new Pre 3>>.

    Treo 300 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650 >> Treo 755 >> Instinct >> Pre- >> TouchPad
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    Excellent! For the benefit of any Brits, I think I'd entitle it Bobby Charlton's Dog
    Animo et Fide
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    Good one!
    Palm V-->Visor Deluxe-->Visor Prism-->Visorphone-->Treo 180-->Treo 600-->Treo 650 on Sprint-->Treo 700p-->Centro-->Diamond-->Pre-->HTC EVO 4g???!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    That dog is a million times cuter than the Donald!
    Well, I'm not one to ask on how cute guys are, but one would figure that a lump of crap is cuter than the Donald...

    No offense to Mr. Trump, the guy has his sh*t together, doesn't matter what he looks like.
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    Would be a good Avatar.
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?
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    Did you know that an Amercian recently patented the combover?
    Animo et Fide
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    Sounds like a Trump move.
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    If you don't, who will?
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    Animo et Fide
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    This has to be a joke.
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    If you don't, who will?
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    I think you'll find that to be the real US Patent Office site.
    In 2002 an Aussie lawyer patented the wheel!
    Animo et Fide
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    Hey PeterBrown, either you are a inventor or you have way too much time on your hands. Funny stuff though.
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    If you don't, who will?
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    I didn't find it by myself - go to for an eye-opening experience!
    Animo et Fide
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    The pictures from the combover patent are hiliarious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treosixoo
    Would be a good Avatar.
    Couldn't help myself, I just had to use it.
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    If you don't, who will?
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    here's a cnn report that relates:
    "The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men, but that we will agree to meet them halfway." -Bernard Avishai
    "Computers are a lot like air conditioners - they both work great until you open windows." -Anonymous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekara
    You can only laugh at this.
    Make It Happen!!
    If you don't, who will?

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