As I have stated previously, I lost a family member in WTC. The families are trying to get info on who was assisting the financing, but it is being opposed.
Please take a look and consider your support....

Subject: Important--Need Your help!!!!
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:57:38 -0400

An attempt will be made once again to have the 28 pages of the House and Senate joint report of 2002 be made public . We need your help. If we truly have a war on terroism dont you think we should identify the orgs charities banks and individuals who are financing terroism instead of protecting them .
The 28 pages identifies who financed 9/11 and contributed to the murder of close to 3000 and left so many others physically injured .These pages were classified just before the 2002 report was to be made public and currently is still being classified .WHO Are we Protecting??

Since this information is already known by most of our elected officials and many have stated the information in that section should be made known perhaps if enough of us speak out we can get these 28 pages declassified and at long last we will be able to know who contributed to 9/11 and perhaps we can get some accountabilty .

Doesn't it bother you that elected officials know who financed the murder of your loved one but You Do Not.

Please be advised this is not a partisan issue as Senator Graham (Democrat)and Senator Shelby (Republican) both endorse the declassification and the immediate release of these 28 pages

What I need is your approval to add your name to the list that already has been created. In all likelihood our request will be an oped as well
I do hope everyone replies and supports this effort .
You can reply to this email granting permission to add your name to the request or you can email Bill Doyle at if you are not on his list serve .

God Bless

Bill Doyle -Father of Joseph
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9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism