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    "Iran rejected UN demands that it freeze all aspects of its uranium enrichment programme yesterday, threatening to cancel access for nuclear inspectors and abandon its international nuclear commitments if the issue is taken to the security council"

    Between this and the pathetic response to the situtation in Sudan, it shows that the UN is certainly not living up to it's charter.
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    How can it live up to its charter when its leadership has not got the fortitude to push things through of substance. Words but no action. No stomach for action of consequence. Frankly appeasement is what the UN wants to do and if appeasement is given, then Iran will do what it wants to do, North Korea will realize it is totally ok to continue its movement and when they get where they want to go, hold on to your seat, 'cause you will be safe nowhere on this earth. Due to the advances made by Iran and North Korea, force will be the only way to stop their programs and the committment of that will probably not happen. Ben
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