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    Is anybody else having trouble getting their fantasy football scores on the Treo from CBS If I use WebViewer, the scoring page comes up and it shows all zero's for each player's score. If I use Blazer, I first get an error message saying the page is too large and then it goes on to show the player rosters anyway and I get all zero's again. This used to work but was slow with Blazer. Last year I use to use the CBS Sportsline WAP access website to get the scores quicker but if I go to that page now I get a message saying that it no longer offers WAP features.

    This is driving me crazy!! I was at the Eagles game yesterday and could not get any of my league scores with my top of the line PDA/Cell phone. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Wienerboy...your whole life is fantasy. Just get used to it
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    i gotta figure out a way to do the same with yahoo
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    Quote Originally Posted by LouisW
    i gotta figure out a way to do the same with yahoo
    you can pay $3.95 or something to get WAP access for yahoo's leagues.
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    This is a real bummer. I loved getting my CBSsportsline Fantasy scores on my Treo 180 last yr. On the CBSsportsline website it says "Mobile Fantasy! Coming Soon!" I think CBSsportsline really missed the boat on this one. I'm with you Bob-C!
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    This is definitely a bummer. Basically, Sporsline's "No refresh" technology is only supported in Internet Explorer. The stupid thing is that there is no alternative dumbed down page without the "No refresh" crap.

    It does kinda work in FireFox even though they say it won't, so I'm not completely giving up. I've tried Web Pro with and without the Proxy without success. Has anyone tried it with WebViewer or some of the other browsers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by webslappy
    you can pay $3.95 or something to get WAP access for yahoo's leagues.
    Have you tried this? Cause if it work's I'm all over it
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheungkm
    Have you tried this? Cause if it work's I'm all over it
    I haven't. I've thought about it since my company blocked the url. i have gone to via Blazer in Wide Page mode and it is does work. It came in handy last week when I needed to set my lineup in a hurry.
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    Bob - I have the exact same problem. I see that 'Coming Soon' is the Sportsline Mobile site. I can't wait for that to happen.

    Even on this site here on Sportsline, it says you can access the website via T-Zones, but I went on T-Mobile's T-Zone website and I can't find the Sportsline page. ARRRGH Am I doing something wrong?

    I know it's not the same as 'instant' access, but I have their alerts setup to send me the scores to my e-mail address I can access via the Treo.

    btw, Bob, I was at the game also, but I opted to keep the Treo 600 safe and secure away from myself and others. Unless of course you were in those fancy, comfortable suites at the Linc.

    PS. GO BIRDS! (Hehe.. had to sneak that one in)
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    CBS Fantasy Companion...YES! Unfortunately I'm on the T-Mobile $19.99 data plan. Anyone know how to access the TZones website with the data plan?
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    I got an email from CBS Sportsline today saying the Fantasy Football Companion is up and running. I selected my carrier, Sprint, and got these instructions:

    Select the Web soft key
    Select Downloads
    Select Applications
    Select Get New
    Select Sports
    Select Fantasy Footall by CBS SportsLine

    I have no idea what home page they are working from. If I use the Sprint page I can get through the Applications Step, but there is not a Get New option?

    I am going to have my husband try the TMo instructions and see if those work? Right now only having the SMS updates stinks. And the screenshots they show for the Companion look very cool.

    - Laura
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    I think the CBS FF Companion requires Get It Now. I didn't think Treos supported Get It Now. Is this correct?
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    Anyone able to use CBS FF Companion? Like I said in my earlier post, I'm on the 19.99 data plan and would love to access this feature but not sure where to go on the web?
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    I sent CBS Sportsline a few emails about this whole Live Scoring issue and am waiting to hear back from them. I've never once got an email back from them concerning complaints in previous years and am skeptical they will write me back now but we'll see. If they don't give me an answer I like though, I told them I'll be jumping ship to another site. Has anyone tried the NFL's or ESPN's?
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    Lots of luck... I have emailed Sportsline on numerous occasions and never received a response that wasn't automated. I wonder if anyone actually works at Sportsline? If they do, I'm sure they wouldn't admit it.

    May the force be with you Bob-C
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    Have you tried logging into the homepage. It will recognize that you're wireless and send you to the correct link. I had the same problem you're experiencing with baseball. I think it was a matter of an old bad link. Try and go from there... good luck.

    Works great on my Treo ... baseball that is... You can always try Eudora Web. CBS won't recognize it as a PDA and you'll have you're full site.

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    YESSSSSSSS!!!!! I just tried what you said and it appears that I can read all the scores now. Thank you SOOOOOOO VERRRRRRRY MUCH!!! Can't wait to try it on the weekend while the scores are being updated live to see if it still works. I'm hoping it will because I tried going back to the old link I was using and I still get zeroes from it while the new link has the proper scores on it.

    BTW, I too have never gotten any response from CBS I think all feedback goes to a free Yahoo account that is full.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Yeah, CBS is known for lack of response. I have to say their service was great this year. Last year, they didn't support Mac users for the first few months. Glad I could help. I know how stats on the Treo are invaluable. I just concluded my baseball season and refreshed that site quite often.

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    I must be missing something. When I sign into then click on Live Scoring I get "This page is too large to be displayed"
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    I'm with you airunz, I get that message and when I try to access 'Gamecenter' (where I assume that's where Bob-C gets the scores), I still can't see any scores.

    Bob - Help out a fellow 700 level fan (you know what I mean )

    4-0! Woo-hoo
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