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    I was on a business trip to D.C., and was aboard one of the first flights that Alaska Airlines had begun operating that week from D.C. to Seattle. The plane left D.C. at about 7:30 am ET. We were in the air for about an hour and a half when the Captain came on and told us there was an emergency- all flights in the U.S. had been grounded due to a "bombing" in New York, and that we were landing immediately in Minneapolis. The plane was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. No one said a WORD. About ten minutes later the Captain came on again and said that Minneapolis was "full" and that we were being diverted to Madison, Wisconsin instead. The plane began descending rapidly at that point- and to be honest, I have never been on a plane that came down and landed so fast. We were all pretty scared and when we exited the plane we saw the televisions on in the terminal and rushed over to them and saw the buildings on fire and all the footage of the attacks. It was unreal. One woman began crying hysterically because her son worked near tower 2.

    Meanwhile my family on the west coast were totally freaked out because they didn't know the status of my flight, so I called them from my cell right away and they also filled me in on the events of the morning. I contemplated renting a car and driving home from there but I was a little scared about doing it alone since no one knew what was going to happen next.

    We were stuck in Madison until the flights resumed- and I'm told that Alaska Airlines was the only airline that paid ALL the expenses of their stranded passengers during that week.
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    Here in Hawaii we are a few hours different...anyway, I had been up for about 30 minutes and had been using the computer when I decided to turn the TV on and gosh, it has not been the same since. Ben
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    I was in school where we got the news late so as not to panic the kids. When my principal first told me we were under attack, I thought he was kidding. I spent the next 3 hours trying to get through to my parents and my children in NY/NJ.
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    77th floor, 1 World Trade Center.
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    I had woken up at around 4pm EST after being up very late the night before. I called my friend to say hello and the first thing he said is "Where have you been man?... They blew up the Twin Towers!" I immediately said "Yea, sure... good one"

    I seriously though he was pulling my leg because the night before (Sept 10) I wanted to rent and see The Siege, a film which is based on terrorism in NYC. My friends refused to see it and forced me to pick another film.

    That's when he said in the most serious voice "Go turn on the TV..." and so I did. Instantly I couldn't speak or move for the next 6 hours. I just sat there terrified, in disbelief, glued to the television. I will never, ever, forget the horror and tragedy we experienced that day.
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    We got a phone call at work after the first plane had hit, and then switched on the TV. We spent more or less the rest of the day in front of the TV, work didn't mean anything that day of course. Although far away on another continent, everybody was deeply shocked and horrified.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LewisL77
    77th floor, 1 World Trade Center.
    WOW, I am glad that you made it.

    I myself was in Chicago, scared ****less that we were next. I was at a gym when it happened working out...knowing that in the city it was already too late to run because everywhere was completely packed
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    Appleton Wisconsin. Out on assignment. I was originally scheduled to be working with Cantor Fitzgerald on the 99th floor of the first tower that summer. Was I lucky.
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    I was in Sao Paolo Brazil on business. I heard the news via instant message from my wife and a co-worker. It was difficult to be away...I felt disconnected. it was also tough to see some Brazilians laughing at the situation. (It was goofy to use plastic utensils for eating on the return flight)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    WOW, I am glad that you made it.

    I myself was in Chicago, scared ****less that we were next. I was at a gym when it happened working out...knowing that in the city it was already too late to run because everywhere was completely packed
    Thanks 100th, it was a difficult day for me and my family. I thank God everyday that besides a few respiratory problems, I am alive and well. I pray every day for the families of the victims who died this day, 3 years ago.
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    I was right in front of the WTC when the second plane hit and was showered with debris. Sadly I saw people jumping from the towers to escape the flames.
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    Working at the Veterans Affairs bldg. One block from the White House.
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    I was supposed to fly from DC to Newark that morning for a meeting, but it ended up getting cancelled the day before (thankfully, otherwise I would have been stuck).

    Ended up driving up to Baltimore to attend a conference and was about half way there listening to Howard Stern when the first report came in. It was eery because at first they thought it was a joke, then realized it definitely was not the case. Was standing outside the conference center talking to a friend in Colorado when the first tower fell, as he described it to me while we were on the phone...pretty frightening. In the conference center, the computers that were set up there were jammed with people trying to get on and and other news sites to get info and get streaming audio from the sites describing what was going on. Called my wife at home who worked about 5 blocks from the White House and told her to stay home.
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    I was at home in Sydney, my mom called from Holland so I was watched it live on TV while speaking to my collegue in Jersey (chat session) who could see the same thing from his office window... very surreal at the time (still is really)
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    I was about to go to the Dentist' office when my girlfriend in Chicago called and my first thought was "this is one of the reasons why I quit the airlines". Not for fear of terriorism (hadn't really imagined that prior to 911) but the concern over general flight safety. But when the second plane hit, it was just surreal and then the third and fourth it felt like the last days. I could not believe our airline security could have been so brazenly and repeatedly breached.

    Living here in the WDC area and having my 3 kids in school, panic began to creep into my mind and all I wanted was to get my kids safe home. My hus works in Bethesda so I was closer to them to pick them up. There were 2 people affected at my daughter's school. One student lost a parent and one lost a grandparent.

    And we are still playing the blame game. It's pathetic what folks will do to cover their ****'s and especally freightening in government.
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