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    This brings new meaning to the word FUGLY.

    OT: I'm trying out and its a great way for creating blog posts from the Treo 600.
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    huh, so that's the result if two mules mated. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by wireless-doc
    I think I have seen this car before - it looks like the car that Homer designed for his brother/Car manufacturer in one of the Simpson episodes.

    Only, Homer's car looked lovely compared to this one.
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    If you watch the video on the Jeep Web site, you'll find out that this is THE urban mobility vehicle. The special feature are the wings in the back which: contain the turn and brake lights, a cooling vents for the power train and brackets for holding the "two-wheel bikes." They should anticipate what these wings might do to a pedestrian or a bicyclist who gets too close.
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