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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolkiT
    I agree, A&D was better than DC.
    You will probably like digital fortress and deception point too. same style as the other too, but more techy..
    Yes, I've read both these books and I did enjoy them, though not as much as DC and A&D. "The Rule of Four" looks pretty good, may give that a try.

    I read the Gunslinger and I didn't really like it, I found it too slow, so I've shied away from the series ever since. I feel like I've kinda outgrown Steven King...

    Tom Hanks definately does not fit the image of Robert Langdon, I was thinking someone more like Harrison Ford or maybe George Clooney. But if it's Hanks, it'll probably end up being good anyway!
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    yeah, no doubt tom hanks doesn't cut it in the role as langdon, but we will see.
    I agree I think harrison ford, liam neeson, or sure, george clooney would have been perfect, and sean connery probably could play a great role in the film as well somewhere, but oh well, I guess we'll just have to hope tom pulls it off somehow.
    when I think of hanks, I think.. "money pit", "the burbs", "the man with one red shoe", "big", etc. I don't see him in heavy dramatic roles although he has been in a few recently.
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