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    sitting here in the store posting as the wife is shopping (this pays for the Treo by itself, but thats off topic).

    I have never tried shoutcast, but am wondering if it would be possible to have an old computer, hooked up to the network at my small office, set for a shoutcast station, and then connected to the stereo, to run music throughout the office?

    I assume I would run a cable from the computer speaker out into the receivers aux in.

    So my questions are: Is this the way I would set it up? Have others done this? and are most of the more popular stations on 24/7?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would imagine that it would work. I have not done it, but sounds correct. I have some pretty good speakers coming out of my pc. Yes, most stations are on 24/7. You might also want to try It doesn't work with Pocket Tunes, but very nice on the computer.
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