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    We won at home for the first time this season! Hurray!
    Animo et Fide
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    and we won away from home 3-1 against Inverness..except that we were actually playing at home, but were in the away changing rooms as it was Inverness's home game at our ground !! Does that make sense ?? Mr Peter, whom did the mighty blues beat ??
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    we beat the Posh
    Animo et Fide
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    forza rossoneri!
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    another trip to todders looms for the visit of the mighty Motherwell on Saturday. This time we will be enjoying some corporate hospitality of sort having paid an extra 10 to sample the delights of an AFC family match day...includes pubs style lunch in the executive suite plus luxury padded seats in the stand, meet the players after the game and half time refreshments...3 points could cement our 3rd place for another month or so before 2 away games at Celtic and Rangers.
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    magnificent performance from the reds on saturday, a stirring 2nd half comeback topped off with a last minute winner against the mighty ' well. That cements us in 3rd place for a few weeks at least. Excellent all round day, well worthe the money and we even got to meet some of the players before the game, they signed autographs and posed for photos and were very friendly. Two very tricky ganes coming up though, Celtic and Rangers both away in Glasgow.
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    We scraped a 0-0 draw after a 4-0 thrashing in the week, such is life at the wrong end of leagues one
    We'll turn it round though
    Animo et Fide
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    The wrong end of League One, Chick.
    Animo et Fide
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    I've always been a "Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, this isn't my glass, my glass was full, AND it was bigger." kind of guy
    Animo et Fide
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    Congrats Murray! are you hungover this morning?
    Animo et Fide
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterBrown
    Congrats Murray! are you hungover this morning?
    as sober as a judge Mr Peter...a magnificent win last win, our 2nd successive win at Celtic Park and achieved against all the odds with our 2 best players out injured. That consolidates our 3rd spot and leaves us only 2 points behind the Huns whom we play on Sunday. I won't expect a similar result there however, a draw would be a good result for us and help maintain our climb back to respectability after years of sheer, unadulterated awfulness.
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