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    Ok, I'm all set to buy myself an external DVD burner for my laptop! But, I see that the ones I want - and probably most of them out there - require USB 2.0 or 1394. Sadly I have USB 1.1 or whatever the next step down is. But, I see on the side of my laptop that I have a little hole that has "1394" written above it. I always wondered what that was...

    Ok, so my question is - are all 1394 'ports' or whatever the same speed? Meaning, could I have a slower 1394 speed than what is required by the DVD manufacturer, like how there are different USB speeds??

    BTW I'm thinking of getting the the Sony DRX-700UL. Does anyone have any feedback on this particular device? And how about "Double Layered" DVDs / DVD writers in general?

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    I use and for information on DVDs and burners. You will also find information on recordable double-layer DVDs. That technology is still very young and recordable double-layer DVDs are still quite rare and expensive, but this may change over time of course.

    Regarding 1394, there is only one speed (400 Mbps) to my knowledge, at least since 1997 (if the lower speeds were called IEEE 1394 at all). Make sure your cable will fit your connector, there are two different sizes, and cables are quite expensive. You can also buy a PCMCIA-cardbus adaptor for USB 2.0 for you laptop, I guess, though that would probably be of no advantage, unless external DVD burners with USB 2.0 are cheaper.
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    Hey, I wanted to say thanks for the info, I appreciate it very much. The sites really helped. The site was also very useful. Anyways, I have my DVD+-R Double Layer and it's working great!
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    There are two speeds 400 and 800 to the firewire, but the 800 is only on the newer macs. If you have a choice between 1394 and usb 1.1 take the firewire, it will save you money. LaCie makes an excellent firewire DVD burners that does double layer cds, and it comes bundled with the full Toast 6.0 application. I have been using mine for over a month now and like it quite a bit.

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