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    Operations Consultant for a major financial services company.
    My Treo rocks!
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    I'm a professional popcorn taster.
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    grape peeler
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    System/Sales Engineer, Mercury (software company)
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    Notes Administrator for an electric utility company.
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    Trumpeter, Composer, Author, Speaker

    IT Consultant - Business Process improvement and Project Managemnet (to finance startup costs for above)
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    Systems Analyst/Engineer for a large evil media company.
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    I'm a Network Admin for a small but international software company in Montreal Quebec. We make software to help track Enviromental Health and Safety issues when shipping chemical goods to other contries
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    This seems like a pretty savy forum. Just curious what people here do for a living. Ill start...I service and maintain cat scanners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by walley1
    This seems like a pretty savy forum. Just curious what people here do for a living. Ill start...I service and maintain cat scanners.
    Cat Scanners? WTH is a Cat Scanner?
    "Do the Chickens have large talons?" Napoleon Dynamite
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    Hi, AC!
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    Ha, I thought by now eveyone knew what a cat scanner is! If you have never had one ..maybe you wouldnt know. Its a medical diagnostic imaging system...allows you to see inside the body..with detail not possible with conventional xray. Its sometimes referred to a ct scan. CT scanners and MRI scanners have virtually eliminated the need for exploratory surgery. Go to an emergency room with a headache, stomach ache, back ache or just about any other ailment that isnt readily diagnosable and you will likely get a ct scan. Large hospitals have multiple scanners, smaller ones may have only one. Private doctors may schedule you for a ct scan if you have a sinus infection, or for just about any other reason under the sun.
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    I'm a proposal manager.
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    Gee-tar (guitar) player...first.
    Fitness Industry...second.
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    Geek Squad Agent... soon to be a crime analyst!
    "When All Else Fails, Improvise!"
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    Mechanical Engineer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    district manager in insurance sales... I work for the duck.

    Funny I was thinking of starting this same thread a few days ago. Was getting curious what sort of folks used the 600.
    time to update.

    Managing partner in an independent insurance agency. Gave up working for the duck, even though we still sell his products now and then.
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    Senior Patrol Agent
    U.S. Border Patrol
    Laredo, Texas
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    I work in the alumni relations office of a lawschool and I will be starting the part-time program in the fall.
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    I work for a larger Financial Firm in NYC - Started in Options Trading doing Reconciliation recently moved to Project Managent for Listed Derivatives.

    Geez - as I read that, my Job sucks! Where's that head hunter, Clulup?

    Reading this thread from start to finish (the original from oct) you would correctly assum most TC folk are in the technology field, but would you have guessed we also have alot of full time musicans!! Trumpateers, writers, guitarist... Very Cool
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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