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    Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager of worldwide Hotel Casino & Resorts
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    Foot and Ankle Surgeon
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    Network Manager at a RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company) aka Baby Bell...
    I have detailed files.
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    Police Officer, Traffic Homicide Investigator
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    Systems Engineer now.

    Software Development Engineer as of Nov 1.

    Supporting server hardware to specing new server hardware. joy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fender Doc
    Foot and Ankle Surgeon
    Ohh my buddys dad was one of those. He made some serious money with his own practice. I had to go to him once for a stress fracture on the calcanius bone from overworking my feet in athletics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash383
    Police Officer, Traffic Homicide Investigator
    I love CSI.
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    Project Engineer
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    research scientist, software engineer, systems designer, handspring/palm visor/treo fanatic, linux kernel hacker, tennis player
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    Husband, Father of three, triathlete, backpacker, technology geek, and...oh yeah, I'm also a consultant to pay the bills!
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    Airline pilot when I have to. Newbie day trader inbetween. Treo saved me about $500 last week when I placed a stop order on it that executed 30 minutes after takeoff when I was at 39,000 feet.
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    Husband, father of three teenage daughters (yikes!), and Senior Project Manager (Institutional facility design and construction)
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    Business Analyst, large computing company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steveme
    Professional soccer player....and part time independant marketing contractor
    Which team do you play for??

    I probably allready told my profession but here it goes again:
    Sys. Admin./DBA for a large software company.
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    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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    I own and run a qualitative research company in Bangkok. Get to do research for companies like Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, HP, Fujitsu etc.
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    I own a software sales company specializing in Agricultural and Outdoor Power Equipment dealers. Guitar player in my spare time.
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    Systems Architect/Analyst
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    Change/Implementation Management for a Private Bank... but relax driving fast cars for fun

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