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    Does anyone here watch Tavis Smiley on PBS or listen to him on the radio? I think I disagree with 90% of his stances. That said, I try to watch/listen to him as much as possible. He keeps things civil and he is respectful of everyone that comes on his shows. I think he's come upon a type of interview that really can drive issues forward instead of sending people back to their respective corners to think of better ways to punch the other side. Does anyone know of someone on the right that does the same? Basically, complete this SAT-like question:

    Tavis Smiley is to Michael Moore / Al Franken as __________ is to Rush Limbaugh / Bill O'Reilly.

    (Note: I think Franken and O'Reilly are closer to the respective sides' Smileys than the other two listed).
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    Larry Elder
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    Michael Savage (just kidding)
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