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    here in nj, fm 101.5 is on topic posing the question to callers why so many people like bill clinton.
    im not trying to open a flaming session here on purpose, although it's a touchy topic.
    but i just want to know what it was about him that appealed to so many people. and thats all. nothing more.
    just want to gather the credible, factual GOOD STUFF about the man. all charisma-aside.
    doing this because he is here in nj signing books, and people are running out like crazy to get autographs!!
    whats the draw factor?
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    If you have to ask, nothing anyone says here will explain it. Just like Ronald Reagan (and that, I am sure will start the flame).
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    I can't stand the guy, for lots of reasons I won't get into. However, my wife told me she once had a dream of kissing Bill Clinton - and that he was very attractive in her dream.

    Go figure - The guy's got something going for him!
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    i know some women love the guy for all his cheeky grins and schmoozin aspects. thats the charisma element.
    but charisma isnt always what makes a good president.
    im interested in the hard facts about what good things he brought into american life which justified all this support.
    reagan ended the cold war. that much can be said about him - to answer the above post. now i want to know what clinton can be held accountable for as far as positive american growth.
    notice ive done no mudslinging here. just posing a question for hard facts - nothing more.
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    From my point of view - from across the pond - he did more than any other US president to try and resolve the Northern Irish situation. Progress has certainly slowed since he went, I don't know how that affected his rating in the US but it shows a good side of him from my perspective.
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    well thats interesting. this is the sort of info that helps form a better perspective of his overall role.

    also curious as to what he contributed towards the us economy, foreign relations, healthcare, education, jobs - ( this current outsourcing will be the death of us ), taxes, military, and oil.

    any facts of his activity surrounding these areas will really help form a picture of his presidency.
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    The era and a surging economy happened during his presidency and regardless of whether he had a direct impact on that, people still for the most part IMO associate that boom with his presidency, especially in the late 90s.

    The budget deficit was also eliminated during his presidency.
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    now thats an interesting facet to hear about - eliminating the budget deficit.

    thats a positive.

    was this due directly to clinton's actions? if so, thats a plus to put in
    his corner.

    ive also heard many times how the economic boom is tied to the clinton administration. but was this boom a just a coincidental cyclical event in the economic machine or was it in fact a direct result of clinton's decisions?

    that might be one of the biggest questions, actually.
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    The big bad Woof will be here soon I bet to add his two cents. And THEN you will get one side of Clinton....JK Woof...keep it coming!!
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    well woof and i are on the same side politically, i believe. i know he has strong convictions. im in agreement with him on many of them actually.
    but what i dont want to do though is open up an ugly mud-throwing thread that disintegrates into another bitter argument. id rather focus on tangibles here.
    im trying to gather good, hard, unrefutable evidence about what constructive accomplishments clinton achieved to get a balanced view of the guy.
    we all have our own views on his character and his personality and his appeal to women - he enjoys women and the attention of the crowd - eats it up. there's no mistaken that, but i want to get past all the attitudes toward that aspect of him and focus on what he REALLY DID for our country.
    thats the measure of a president.
    if he can be credited for having improving us in some ways, thats what im interested in hearing. if nothing can be tied to a president directly, than the events happening during that administration can only be coincidental
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    It is very difficult to credit one person with the success that his advisors, staff, and hundreds of thousands of supporting employees create. Regardless, in my perspective he did quite a bit of good in most of our relations with other countries. The budget deficit clearly was a success. And as was already discussed the economy (in general) did well during his tenure - but that is difficult to give him much credit. I suppose people would be scrambling to get his books signed because he was our President (and he was even elected to two terms without having to involve courts, a conflicting electoral college count vs. popular vote count, and all the ugliness we had this last time around).

    BTW, I am not a member of any political party.
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    well he wasnt involved in courts to get him elected, true, but he certainly was doing his own time in court when he was being impeached. what truly churns me up was the request to define what is meant by the word " is " . that was a doozy for the ages.

    but again, those issues are besides the point. all that stuff aside. what was it that he did to win over the people other than his personality flavor?

    so far we have noted:

    1) budget elimination
    2) foreign relations with ireland were significantly improved.
    3) there was an economic boom but cant tightly be tied as a direct result of clinton's actions - may have been a lucky coincidence for the administration.
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    If I had to boil it down to one thing: Bill Clinton did nothing to mess up the wonderful things that happened in the late nineties, economy-wise. For a politician, that is a tremendous achievement.
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    well thats fair enough. and its true. he didnt get in the way of the big green machine when it was in full force. so we could reap the benefits of a surging / qualcomm era. and i believe we accumulated a pretty good size surplus in that time too. ok, theres a few more positives. any other views?
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    how about healthcare? did he make any contributions to help the medicare conditions?

    thats one area thats scary in our country. the moment you need your insurance coverage for cancer or heart surgery - when it counts - they drop you or refuse you coverage. its a national sham.

    need an overhaul there. nationwide - weas there any headway made when he was in office?
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    It wasn't foreign relations with Ireland that improved so much as the Troubles were much improved in Northern Ireland. Clinton wasn't neccesarily involved in the nitty-gritty of the negotiations but American political pressure was vital, and he provided that so I'd say he was directly responsible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214
    how about healthcare? did he make any contributions to help the medicare conditions?

    thats one area thats scary in our country. the moment you need your insurance coverage for cancer or heart surgery - when it counts - they drop you or refuse you coverage. its a national sham.

    need an overhaul there. nationwide - weas there any headway made when he was in office?
    He/Hillary tried and failed miserably. That was the chief reason the Republicans retook Congress in 1994 and hold it to this day, IMO.
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    yeah i heard that as well. hillary tried to institute the type of medicare system that is in place in canada, where as long as you have insurance, you are covered for whatever medical condition ails you in the future.
    THIS is one thing i cant, for the life of me, see why the republicans refuse to remove our current healthcare mess and replace it with one that actually helps folks.
    what we have today is not healthcare, but businesscare- insurance companies make you pay hi monthly premiums and cover only minor issues, and surprisingly often back out on you when you REALLY need them.
    big business is the big monster here. if this is the republicans fault, well then i have a big problem with them on this issue, although i am a republican. i agree with them for the most part, but our outsourcing and medicare system are absolute failures.
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    A couple of weeks ago I saw an interview with him (done by australian Andrew Denton).
    Beside is charisme and charm, which were bigger than I expected, the thing that struck me most was his pasion to make things better. Unlike Bush (who gives me the impression his drive is money power and greed) Clinton really surprized me as being such a idiealist...
    Also he showed the importance of personality of a prez, when he explained his relation with Jeltsin...
    I know those are all a bit touchy feely things, but important none the less.
    As for more solid things, I think he did a fairly good job on foreign policies...
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    i can understand the impressions of bush. he appears a tad cocky, and is plainly spoken - not a great speaker by any stretch. there is a question about oil interests and haliburton, which i can see as valid concerns. im a little leary about those issues also.

    what i am in agreement with as far as the decision to move on iraq was that we really did need to retaliate and make somebody pay for 9/11.

    the message we are sending by going on the attack in the middle east now is simple : DONT YOU EVER DO THAT TO US AGAIN.
    EVER! or we will continue to hunt you.

    i think we needed to do this though, despite the fact that many of you, im sure, will disagree. we needed to send a message to our enemies in a very strong and forceful way, as a consequence for having the gaul to fly jets into american buildings and killling thousands.

    however i do wonder whether there are any hidden agendas in our efforts over there. oil, haliburton, contracts, lots of money? id be naive to not suspect those dont have some role their.

    i had hoped and still hope that bush, despite his slightly cocky,cowboy style, truly does mean only to try to defend us not just by building our defenses, but by going on the offense to get them, rather then lying in wait for them to attack again - on our own soil. i frankly think that approach is a sure strategy for utter disaster.

    i understand your views on bush`s demeanor, dont think i dont smirk with discomfort when i hear him mispeak or misquote or appear a little less informed at times.
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