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    I could be wrong, but I was watching last nights episode and saw what looked like a 600. The main character's publicist was using graffiti on it. Guess that's the only way they could show it was a PDA.

    Any other 600 sightings on TV????
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    The Casino on Fox. Zach, Tim and Tom's (the owners) assistant carries a 600 and so does Tim.
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    My girls talked me into watching a kids TV movie called "Stuck in the Suburbs" (or something like that) and there was a Treo 600 all throughout that movie.
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    The publicist on "Entourage" definetely had a Treo 600, but she didn't look convincing using the stylus at all... Nelly has one in his new video. I also saw Andre 3000 from Outkast about a month ago in LA, and he was talking on his T600 in the middle of his entourage...

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