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    Oh man, last night I went to the gym. I was listening to some mp3's on my treo, while doing some inclined squats (I also keep track of my weight training with PalmBFL). I felt my back go out, and the weights slammed down. I got up, dropped my treo, made it a few steps and then passed out on the gym floor. A few minutes later, paramedics were leaning over me and loaded me into an ambulence. Before they shut the door, I begged the paramedic to go back and grab my phone. I realized that I don't know anybody's phone number (I'm on assignment out of town). The paramedic came back a minute later holding my treo saying "This isn't it, is it?"

    I was laying on a gourney in the hospital, when the doctor came to see me. He started asking me some medical questions when he noticed my treo that the paramedic had left on my abdomen. My advice when going to the hospital: Hide your treo under your gown if you want the doctor to focus on your medical needs.

    Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny. They say I passed out as a reaction to acute pain, and gave me some Vicodin. Now I have the next four days to be a couch potato and play with my treo!
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    Glad you are ok....thats a heck of a story....

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    Glad to hear you're ok but you did not tell the condition of your Treo.

    Did you drop it?

    What did the doctor say when he/she found your Treo?
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    To be honest, I don't remember the actual dropping of the treo, but it was on the ground still pumping out music when I came-to. There didn't seem to be any damage, thankfully the gym floor is lined with rubber mats.

    The doctor's face lit up when he saw the phone. I could tell that he really wanted to talk more about know, the usual, features, plans, price, etc. but he was proffessional, and I put it out of sight so it wouldn't cause anymore distractions
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    Ouch! Get well soon mate. At least having a Treo you won't be bored
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    Had a similar story with my daughter who had an acute ashtma attack and my Treo kept me company and informed at Children's hospital. (hope you have your charger)

    Take it easy and try and enjoy the room service.

    Glad you're better!
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