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    what happened to jake, theu guy who met with jeff hawkins about future treo designs before the treo 600 was unveiled? he designed a treo desktop called bullet train and called his latest design of a futuristic treo - the phantom.
    he has his own clothing line called jake's jeans, wrote an epic testament to the chronology of movies and technology spanning everything from george lucas' star wars to indiana jones to the apple computer all the way up to thee device he was totally and utterly in love with - the treo 600.
    he bought the treo 600 and then as if the great wizard from oz had cast a spell - POOF!!!! and jake has never been heard from on this board since. at least not to my knowledge. what happened to jake?
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    Yeah, where's my dang MulletTrain.........
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    I think everyone here ran him off. His ideas were not greeted with kindness or openness here...
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    yeah, you may be right. well it'd be one thing if he had presented his ideas with a little humility, but he had an tangible air of self-importance that pervaded all of his threads - made him a little difficult to like, as well as take seriously.

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