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    Quote Originally Posted by miradu
    One more bug: Anyone notice that the Treo's LED was blinking red the entire time? I swear it was out of coverage when they used it...

    The reason it had no service was because they were using AT&T.
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    I thought the movie was alright...but I think the first one rocked!

    I did notice the Treo but was too busy enjoying the fact that the guy got his *** kicked (for being a moron) that I dind't notice the light was flashing red.

    Did anyone notice how unstable the camera shots during the fights were?
    What's that, a new action movie tactic?
    It's horrible...whatever happen to working harder at making it believable!
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    During the interrogation scene in Naples. Bourne does a neat little trick with the SIM card too, tech geeks will get the chills
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    Since it had a SIM card, it must have been a 270 (or 180, since I didn't see the screen). There was another thread about this here.
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