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    One of my all-time favorite actors. Sad.
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    This is a loss. Of all of the many, many movies I have seen since I can remember, "The Godfather" is in my Top 5! I have seen it so many times I know the dialogue and watch it over whenever I see it on tv.

    Mr. Brando brought so much to that movie and he will be missed but remembered for his brilliant role in this movie for many.
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    I was listening to Public Radio about MB all day. Got nostalgic about the guy. Yes we lost a talented actor!
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    Our NPR affiliate did a Brando tribute yesterday afternoon by playing the scores from his academy award winning movies. I hadn't realized that Leonard Bernstein composed the suite to On the Waterfront!
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    I feel almost guilty that I've only seen him in Godfather, Apocalypse Now and Superman. I must get round to Last Tango in Paris, On the Waterfront and The Wild One sometime. I suspect that they might be shown on TV soon though...
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