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    (CNN) -- A 16-year-old California girl suffered second degree burns Thursday when her cell phone caught fire in her back pocket, according to the Ontario Fire Department.

    The teenager was volunteering at an Ontario youth recreation center when witnesses heard a loud "whooshing" sound, said Frank Huddleston, a fire department investigator.

    Huddleston said the victim didn't even know what was happening, and witnesses said they thought it was fireworks.

    Witness then saw her pocket explode with smoke and fire, he said.

    The girl was in a kitchen and near a pot of water, so the flames were quickly extinguished, Huddleston said.

    The victim was transported to Chino Valley Medical Center where she was treated and released with small second-degree burns to her right buttock.

    The phone is a Verizon Kyocera, but because of damage investigators could not tell the model number.

    Ontario is east of Los Angeles near San Bernardino.
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    one more reason why sprint is better

    and people complain about dropped calls!!
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    Better to have dropped calls than dropped drawers? I heard there was a recall on the Kyo 7135 battery, but that's a lot of phone for a 16 yr old.
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    This problem happened with a lot of Nokia's in europe too, it turned out to be (cheap) aftermarket batteries.
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