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    The quality of posts and posters here is impressive and I am spoiled by that. I have been looking for a forum that is as lively and quality to weight loss & fitness as is to Treo talk.

    Google search pulls up too much junk. Anyone care to share your favorite?

    You can PM me if you prefer.
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    I tried it twice, and find that I do well with it for a few months, then I cheat here and there and you know how getting back into ketosis takes another 24-48hrs each time depending on how bad the cheat session was.

    I've decided to just get back to the gym like I used to when I was younger and find that my body is really getting back into it, almost like it remembers or something. I really figured it would be much harder to get back into the swing of things after 10 years.

    There's a lot I would like to ask others in the know to do things safely and efficiently though...

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    I am a gym junkie. I work a 4 day split. Some of the best money I ever spent was on a good trainer. It's amazing how many wrong/unsafe things you see going on once you know what you are doing. I have gotten to the point where I train someone else now. If you are looking for general info, Muscle and Fitness is a good magazine. There are sites out there where you can get a subscription for $5 a year. Also check out And remember, your diet plays a huge part in how your body looks!

    Good luck with the gym. It's the best part of my day.

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