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    Back when the Treo 270 and 300 were really popular around here, there was 2 different discussions on them and there still is. The Treo600 hardware discussion on the other hand has one general title for both versions. If one is looking for info pertaning to a sprint or GSM version of the treo 600 it can be a daunting task. I was thinking the 1 discussion should be changed to 2 seperate discussions Treo600 CDMA and Treo600 GSM. Because the T600 thread at the number of posts should be rename general chat. Just a thought
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    There are seperate discussions based on provider.
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    Not by provider issues I mean by hardware issues. The treo 600 should be categorized by CDMA and GSM the way the 180/270 are grouped together and the 300 is seperate. While some issues are similiar on the t600 a lot are specific to either being a CDMA or a GSM problem.

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