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    I was mowing the lawn earlier and this doe just stared at me from the woods behind my house. She was maybe 20 ft away. Never flinched when the lawnmower came near. I went in to get my camera and she just kept staring at me. I think all this development has made them too tame.
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    Actually, the guy that used to live across the street from me had a rooster named Peckerhead. This was in addition to his blue tick and 4 beagles that were outside in pens. It was pretty loud around here back in those days. Ole Peckerhead would begin to serenade us before sunrise, after listening to the hunting dogs freak out over every racoon and skunk that went by all night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    I think all this development has made them too tame.
    "Too tame" for what? I guess the does have simply learned that lawnmowers, and also people on lawnmowers, are no danger for them. Not losing energy for a needless flight is a selective advantage for that doe... evolution at work.
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    Someone I know in Scotland has hens, they're hard as nails being used to the climate. He got an English **** to go with them, but the hens bully it and make it sit on the eggs!
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