I really didnt know which forum to post this in, since its predominately non-treo related.

I know there are a few companies out there now (Logitech included) who make these "memory pens" or "smart pens"--i really dont know what the proper name for them is.

Anyway the idea is that you can write or draw a whole bunch and then at the end of the day upload what you did to your computer, and it will record all your notes and even use OCR to transfer your notes to a typed font.

Im a college student, and when I first learned they were available, I was beyond thrilled. But then after some research I learned that Logitech uses special paper and its $10 a pad, and you have to have your computer handy. The pen cradle plugs into the USB, and after every page, you have to clean the harddrive of the pen by dipping it in the cradle, and the data will transfer.

Suddenly, the novelty was gone. But I was recently at Radio Shack, and I saw what appeared to be a better, smarter model. Its actually looks like a nice ballpoint, and you can use regular paper...magic happens, and then you transfer the data to your computer when you get home. It sounded alot better.

But my question is this: Lets say you drew a design on a napkin or a piece of paper. Several times, you would have to lift the pen off the paper to make illistrations elsewhere....how does the pen know? More simply, lets say I drew a smiley face. Would the pen know where to put the eyes and smile inside the circle? Without a special pad, I just cant fathom how the pen would work?

And are they worth getting? If anyone has any useful info, that would be helpful?