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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C
    I just wanted to see if it was possible to post something about Clinton that wouldn't result in a thread being closed.
    haha... good point, bob.. interesting, isnt it? hmmm.
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    I guess you got your answer - Nobody's interested.

    speaking for myself - I'm pretty tired of hearing about the self-serving, self-promoting former president. At least Jimmy Carter helped Habitat for Humanity flourish. I guess former-President Clinton is too tied up getting the facts out on Monica, Jennifer, Paula, etc, etc, etc. for a bible-thumpin', God-fearin' family man, he's got a lot of apologies out there.

    don't know if I'd read his book if someone gave me the tapes - there are far better uses for my time.

    but, hey, if you like the guy, buy five books - he is kind of fun to have around........
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    I bashed Clinton in that other thread for putting out his book and seeing him hawking himself all over the TV yet again but I gotta take some of it back. Don't get me wrong. I AM still sick to death of the guy but I recently found out he got a $10 million advance for that book! Can't blame a guy for cashing in, or selling out, when it's that much dough. It'd be un-republican like. Good job Bill! (on the book - not Monica) The moral of the story is that cheating on your wife will always eventually pay off big.
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