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    Has anyone read this book? I am a little past the halfway point. It seems to have sparked a lot of controversy based on some of the sites I have read on the web.
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    great book! try angels and demons after if you like. I'm open for discussion if you want
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    A friend of mine is going to give me Angels and Demons. I read on the author's website that the next book will also have the same main character but I don't know what the subject matter will be.
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    I read it and liked it. Seemed like one long chase scene! The Theology is a bit fictional mixed with fact, so take it for what it is, an interesting fictional read.
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    Was told to read Angels before Code, but the sequence didn't really matter. They were both good. Btw, these are the first ebooks I ever read.
    Got the 2 and Digital Fortress as 1 big package from eBay. And I just checked, the Digital Fortress is now included in his auction!...grrrrr...might have to buy them's only $4 for all 4 books anyway ;-)
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    I liked digital fortress too. Just not as much as the other two. I think he does better with the theological topics. IMO.
    Good timing with the release of Passion of the Christ.
    Wait a minute, is this treacentral or Oprah book of the month club?
    Is this site morphing into a new stage? My good friend used to worship stangnet (for Mustangs). I wonder if they wander off the car trac into the pros and cons of lets say...Luxury plane ownership vs fractional ownership?
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    This guy is kinda like the Oliver Stone of authors. He makes the story fit some hard and some vague historical facts so well that it almost reads as a true story. His plot twists are sometimes heavy handed with divine intervention, but they are great reads. He should definitely stick with the theological plots though. The plot-line in Digital fortress had just didn't ring true enough to suck me in (Even still, I couldn't put it down). He has definitely mastered thet page-turner.
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    I've been listening to DaVinci Code on Audible. I find myself thinking 'wow' every time I listen now.
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    great great read. i did however, like angels & demons much more. it took me about a day to read each
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    I'm jealous that you can spend a day reading. I'm pretty much limited to right before bed and by then, I'm ready to (and usually do) pass out. Audible helps a lot though. I can 'read' while I am running around.

    Have you seen the Dan Brown website? It's pretty cool to see pictures of some of the things he describes.
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    hehe, don't be. that was a one weekend thing (i forced myself to do all my "weekend chores" throughout the week so i'd have two day "off". most of the time, i'm like yourself and only able to read right before bed.

    i did see the dan brown website. it's quite interesting!! makes me want to travel to europe! but before that, i looked through some coffee table art books to get a feel for the art. hehe, a friend of mine actually started to read the books brown references. to her surprise, everything he stated was true.
    Truth is good, knowledge is power and it's the second mouse who gets the cheese
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    I've read all Brown's books.

    Angels and Demons was my favorite.
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    That's next on my list
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    Read DC first, then A&D within a three day business trip. Loved em both.
    I have also read that the DC Movie isn't far behind.
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    One of the local Cleveland stations is having a segment on the news tonight called, 'Unlocking the DaVinci Code'. This station (Fox 8 for those who know the area) thrives on sensationalism so I am sure the story will be ridiculous. They are going to give the 'answers to this mystery'. I finished the book today so the timeliness of the broadcast will cause me to watch.
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    Has anyone seen the new book "The Code Revealed"... that is next after I finish the DC.. I agree; it is like one long chase scene! I think I have skipped more than 100 pages total! I am just skimming for juicy tid-bits
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    I bought it and read it but I'm not all that impressed to be honest. He got too much basic stuff wrong (like a lot of symbolism he links to Mary Magdelene is really linked to Madonna) & I really wasn't convinced by the characters. Why is it meant to be a compliment to the idea of female divinity to have a woman made important because of her association with a man? It was a reasonably good novel but I don't think it would have made nearly as big an impression if it hadn't been controversial.
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