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    Alas poor TiVo, I knew thee well: The battle for control of the interactive-TV market just keeps getting more interesting. Digeo is expected to announce today that Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, has agreed to begin a trial of Digeo's Moxi media centers in a handful of cities this year. The deal is a coup for Digeo which now seems poised to wipe the floor of the cable market with TiVo. And for good reason: Moxi is far superior to rival offerings. It boasts a dual-tuner DVR and HDTV and home networking support. Some models even come equipped with a DVD player. It's an all in one box and it's going to generate a lot of buzz when it finally begins landing in consumer living rooms. And while Comcast is committed to deploy just 200,000 units, some analysts are already saying that Digeo may soon the front-runner in the PVR market. Said Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research: "If you go out to 2005 and 2006, this Digeo product is likely to be the dominant cable box for digital video recording.


    A few months ago we signed up for DISH network, paid our deposit and yet to hear back from DISH. Shortly after we signed up for DISH service, DISH was "blacking out" some of the channels -- Disney, Viacom because *they* didn't want to pay the price for renewing subscripton for the channel providers.

    And there's already buzz about Moxi in the Tivo Community

    Moxi demo shows the one-box top solution which also will let you record HDTV. Service will be $49/month.

    With DISH we have to get a separate box for HDTV programming.
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    At $49.99 a month, I don't think it's gonna kill anything (I currently only pay $9.95 for my ReplayTV service).

    Personally, I'm getting a Pioneer DVR-810H (TIVO and DVD-recorder in one) so that I can archive Tivo shows to DVD with ease...
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    I agree. 50 bucks a month is just not gonna cut it. If they price it better maybe we'll see some healthy competition to make TIVO bring out some new features faster and cheaper!

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