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    I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a home phone that was as customizable as the Treo using Palm OS? To be able to use programs like CallShield on a home phone would be awesome. Don't bother ringing when certain numbers or unknown callers call and choice whether to even allow them into your answering machine. It could have a ethernet/wireless connection to you home network and notify you that you have new mail based on rules.

    It would be used for different reasons obviously such as Remote Controls (with a stronger IR) for AV equipment and lighting, Recipes and other personal needs.

    I know I'm dreaming here but it could be a different avenue for smartphone technologies and the PalmOS.....
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    My Vtech phones allow you to download custom wallpaper and ringers to them. That's about as custom as they get though.
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    NY Times had an article Thursday in its tech section about customizing the new breed of Land-Line-Phones, usually cordless phones. They are getting to be similar to cell phones.

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