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    Did I just see what I thought I did? At the conclusion of the Super Bowl halftime show, did Justin Timberlake reach over and pull at Janet Jackson's top, completely exposing her right breast?

    Justin's move looked planned, but it almost seemed that Janet was surprised and fumbling at her top for the split second they showed her before cutting away.

    It's going to be interesting to hear what the real story is.

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    Oh Yeah,
    Janet's breast had a star shaped pastie.
    WOW I can die now a happy man
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    yes, you saw right, but i guess you missed the pastie on her nipple.
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    yes you did! we saw it, but who knows, maybe it was a gag. if not, jt is gettin his back end beaten red right now
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    Ok, I did miss the fact that she was wearing a pasty. That makes it seemed like it was planned.

    It got my attention though.

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    any pictures anywhere yet?
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    Originally posted by 100thMonkey
    any pictures anywhere yet?
    LOL - I think I know what my new Treo background image is going to be!
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    um i'm not sure who hosts it but...
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    Still pic:

    Janet @ half time
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    nice one, now all that is left is to figure out if it was planned...but I've never known any girls that have removable clothes like...seems like that was planned IMHO
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    A career slump causes people to do strange things..
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    Originally posted by eKennedy
    did Justin Timberlake reach over and pull at Janet Jackson's top, completely exposing her right breast?

    You Guys!!! this a "Hardware" question?

    Well behaved women rarely make history
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    well i guess justin figured that since the only way brittany could get attention was by kissing madonna, he had to try to do something to get attention. likewise with michaels's problems janet figured it might distract someone, looks like a few people have already had their fifteen minutes of fame and are desperate....for a little more time...
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    Originally posted by clairegrrl

    You Guys!!! this a "Hardware" question?

    it might make the wares of hetero males hard so yes it can be viewed as a hardware topic
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    yet another reason to have hi res 320 x 320 screen on the treo!
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    How long until a treo janet boob wallpaper is ready? 5, 8 minutes?

    lol. Talk about internet speed, I can't believe how fast that video was up.

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    no kiddin!!!
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    I wonder how Jermaine Dupri feels about this!
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    Think it's time to change my avatar! to incorporate the Treo in the picture!
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    Obvious that it was planned.
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