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    Hey I just recently launched my first website, , it is about Dragon Ball Z but what I want critism on is the colors/layout/design. But if someone here is a fan of Dragon Ball Z, that is great you could help me too.
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    Not knowing anything about the subject (dragon ball z), I can only speak to the layout of the site -

    The only thing that really jumped out at me as a "problem" was the RST Menu on the left at the top. The type on each menu item is so small it was almost illegible.

    If you made each item a little bigger (or even a lot bigger), I wouldn't have any suggestions for improvement.
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    It looks thing I can suggest is to try to include the buttons that are off to the left in the image to the right. That would make it a bit more interesting. But other than that not bad.
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    Your navigation does not work on IE5/Mac.

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    It should work as I am using that, I have this really bad stats service. And the image takes 4-6 times longer than the rest of the page to load. Meaning that the menu will not work until the page is completly loaded...and i am planning on making the text slightly larger.
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