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    From one houstonian james (whitney) to another (hromadka), thanks alot for closing the screen protectors discussion. Anyone that was still arguing in there just had a little too much free time on their hands.

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    My wife was even getting into the whole drama thing....

    'Dang... now Ill have to pattent something obvious.......
    Hmph... gonna have to be the stylus or something like that!

    Well... Visor central lost one of it's most entertaining aspects....


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    Aw, James, I can't believe it!!

    I just saw (9 days later - that's how much I've really been keeping up with it) that you closed the thread.

    The worst part about closing it, is that after all that was gone through over there (fighting with Warman, etc.) it had finally got back on topic - WE WERE ACTUALLY STARTING TO TALK ABOUT BETTER SCREEN PROTECTORS!
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    I'm just glad I got in the last word...

    Still waiting for the "armor" protectors. I received the clear WRs, and they work great. Now to test the combo...

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    I've been gone a lot this summer, but I just checked back in. It was a good thing that you closed that thread (even though it was, overall, fairly entertaining). But now Warman has just started another. So I get back and find that the more things change, the more they stay the same!
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    Originally posted by SherylKing
    I've been gone a lot this summer, but I just checked back in
    Welcome back Sheryl!

    It has been a while since I have seen one of your posts.
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    Thank you for recently closing the "Warman & Patent" thread.

    As usual, Warman enjoys and engages only in the argument and insult, and refuses to (or is incapable of) engaging in a reasonable discussion.

    Anything to say has already been said by him or about him or to him.
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    Any new topic postings relating to Warman and his patent will be closed.
    Music to my ears. Your upcoming MiniJam review will just a bonus by comparison. Thanks again!
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    Best news I've heard today. Warman threads are like Gilligan's island reruns...sort of entertaining at first, but you just know he's gonna screw something up and tick everyone off in the end. Thanks James!
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