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    I have used WriteRights on my Visor and earlier on my PalmPilotPro. I found them fuzzy, reducing screen clarity especially in dim lighting. I also felt they caused a deterioration in graffiti accuracy. I just discovered an alternative at This clear screen protector is terrific! I has virtually no impact on screen clarity (ie. you can hardly tell its there) and I feel I have much improved graffiti accuracy as compared to the WriteRight. I think it is because these protectors are thinner and clearer than WriteRights and are not textured. I encourage everybody to try them (I want this guy to stay in business so I will be able to keep getting this product). Of additional benefit, they're cheaper than WriteRights!
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    How many times did the website mention it was patented? Is the inventor really that insecure? Must be one hell of a product.
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    I agree, I don't really like the WriteRights. I don't like the way they make the screen resolution appear fuzzy or out of focus (sort of). I also don't like the anti-glare of them. I have a little app called mirror (not to vain huh?) that lets me use the screen as mirror.....and now I can't.

    I think I will order this....I just wish I didn't have to get a damn money order...kinda a pain.

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    Look carefully, only two of the vendors require money orders/checks, you can do it by credit card from one of the vendors!

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    Well, hell...anyone that's a member of the Walmart Innovation Network and likes Bass Fishin's has to be ok, eh?

    ...and with a sales pitch like this, how can you not want one:

    These Screen Protector's consist of: A protective shield and electronic instrument assembly comprising: of providing an electronic instrument having a face plate. Providing a thin, flexible, transparent, plastic film. Applying it to the surface of the face plate of an electronic instrument.

    For those of you that use these instead of the Writerights, would you recommend the clear, gloss, or anti-glare? It'd be nice if the site would actually SHOW and EXPLAIN the product rather than pind the fact that it is patented into our head.
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    Just for a prank, I am gonna e-mail him and accuse him from stealing the idea from me. LOL, hopefully he has a sense of humor.
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    I also don't like the way WWs are fuzzy. When I remove one, I'm always struck by how much better the screen looks without it.

    I had some questions about this new product, so here's the text from my email conversation with him:

    me> How do your Visor screen protectors (P-HSV) attach? Are they peel-and-stick,
    me> or "cling"?
    me> Do you have installation instructions you could email? Do users find them
    me> easy to install without bubbles?

    him>They use no adhesive.
    him>They come with instructions.
    him>People really like them
    him>Best thing to do is order just one and see how you like it.

    Thing is, one costs $2.00 plus $2.00 shipping. He'll let you return it for a refund (minus shipping) for 10 days.

    I'm not sure yet. I may just take the $4.00 plunge.
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    Originally posted by D ev R ay 4Real:
    Just for a prank, I am gonna e-mail him and accuse him from stealing the idea from me. LOL, hopefully he has a sense of humor.
    Ummmmm, I believe that would be an extraordinarily bad idea.
    If it is the same gentleman I am thinking of, he is rather touchy about his patent. Some discussion on a usenet newsgroup got rather , er, acrimonious.

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    If you have a Visor (and why would you be here if you didn't), get the WinCE WriteRights. They fit the Visor's slightly-larger-than-Palm-size screen perfectly and they're crystal clear.

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    Mine ARE for WinCE, and they have a definite frost to them.

    Winchell: Can you give us a Deja URL for the acrimonious discussions? This sounds interesting.

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    Originally posted by PDAENVY:
    Winchell: Can you give us a Deja URL for the acrimonious discussions? This sounds interesting.
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    What's interesting on the Deja thread is that the attorney mentioned, "Donald J. Lisa," does not show up on a search at, which is the online Martindale Hubbell. Martindale Hubbell is the major listing of attorneys in the U.S. Pretty much every lawfirm uses it and has it in their library.
    I thought that was interesting.
  13. #13's nice to know he doesnt have a real counter...i refreshed the page 20 times and it still stayed at 648,427. and i think this guys obsessed with patents, it's all he talks about!

    - Bryan
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    Oh, no!!! I hope the patent police don't look at my Visor equipped with homemade clear vinyl screen protectors...

    By the way, do you think they allow Visor's in the cell? If so, can one of you get me a Springboard nail file with the optional hacksaw blade???

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    Originally posted by PDAENVY:
    Mine ARE for WinCE, and they have a definite frost to them.
    Same here. I got WinCE WW in Dec before my IVX arrived and have been using them ever since. I get about two months out of them before they get just too scratched up, but I'm struck by how dull the screen is with them and how shiny it is without. I'm certainly aren't "crystal clear!"

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    Just to throw my two cents in, the WinCE Writerights aren't perfectly clear but they are glossier and clearer than the Palm Writerights. Not clear enuf for the Mirror program to work really well but I could get a better reflection off of the WinCE version as opposed to the truly matte finished Palm version. Also, I found that if you aligned the Palm version just the right(wrong?) way you could get a moire pattern on the screen. The WinCE type doesn't suffer from any moire problems that I can see.
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    A friend of mine just bought a Visor and a new pack of WR, and once I installed one for him I could barely tell it was there at all. The screen doesn't have as much reflective glare as the naked screen, but the display is clear and undistorted.

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    Mgessour: You say you want the guy to stay in business - unfortunately, after a little research about this guy, I would have to disagree, and hope he loses his shirt. He's put other people out of business (by demanding a licensing fee of $5,000.00 plus royalties of $5 EACH SHEET SOLD) and he's sicked his patent attorney on people who are using cut vinyl for their screens.

    When I first saw his site, I also thought he was just a little paranoid, and might have bought his product. But to viciously go after people like that is ridiculous. I understand protecting your patent, but c'mon! We're talking home-made screen protectors!

    What's next, AT&T coming after my string and tin cans?


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    Well maybe he's eccentric and territorial. I never claim to have assessed that. All I can tell you is that the product is excellent, it arrived quickly and came with a money-back guarantee. He offers to sell just one to try it out. That seems pretty decent to me. BTW, I was suggesting subscribers consider trying this product, if like me, they are find WW's unacceptable.
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    I'm glad he gave that explanation in #9 of his "Top 10 Reasons.." list - The 'anti-glare properties' will 'assist in the reduction of glare.' I was wondering about that

    wait a minute... a Top Ten list?!?!

    Letterman, call your attorneys!!!
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